Our mission: to manifest queer a cappella cabaret awesomeness here in NYC.

Our philosophy: Be yourself, because you are awesome. Yes, you. You too.

Our identity: An ensemble of quality, versatile singers with high energy and a true love for all things queer, people who can take the music seriously without taking themselves too seriously, people who manifest their own beauty in their own way.

We are explicitly gender, orientation, age, size, and appearance agnostic.

Rehearsals will likely be held weekly, on a weeknight, in Manhattan. We hope to perform around once a month in NYC, go to a cappella events as a group 2-3 times a year, and travel locally as opportunities present themselves.

We’re planning to make ourselves available for gigs and fundraisers within the queer community, to become part of the broader a cappella, jazz, and cabaret communities around here, and to support other sources of goodness all over the city.