Stylistically, we’re a vocal version of a jazz/cabaret ensemble, swapping between standard choral/a cappella configuration (SATB, solo, optional VP) sections/songs and sections/songs consisting of something like vocal drums, vocal keyboards, vocal bass, vocal horns, trio, and soloist.

Our repertoire is drawn from traditional cabaret, singer-songwriter neo-cabaret, stage, movie, and television musicals, disco and gay party hits, womyn’s music, and music from all over the LGBTQ musical canon, as well as other stuff that we think we can make swing, or that makes us feel fierce and free.

Up first on our playlist:

Marcy and Zina – Make Your Own Party

Dar Williams – When I Was A Boy

Theme from Xanadu

Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out

Ooh Child/here Comes the Sun

Amy Winehouse – Valerie

Indigo Girls – Secure Yourself

Sara Bareilles – Brave

Moulin Rouge – Come What May

David Bowie – Changes

Ben Folds Five – Do it Anyway